About us


cumulative experience across all team members


made in various genres, lengths and styles


of filming and interview hours within business, lifestyle and entertainment productions

What we do

  • Production

    • Concept Development
    • Scripting
    • Filming
    • Voicing
    • Video Editing
    • Post-production
    • Graphics
  • Media Training

    • Consulting
    • Talks and Workshops

    *Available for corporates, government agencies and educational institutions

  • Others

    • Hosting
    • Transcription
    • Translation
    • Interpretation

    English, Chinese, Bahasa, Korean, Japanese and more

What you can expect

  • Compelling Storytelling

    Great storytelling is not just about having a storyline, it also requires the right story angles and planning from concept to delivery. We know what it takes to make an impact and how to make that happen.

  • High-quality, Cost-efficient

    You don’t always need expensive equipment or frequent re-dos to get the perfect shot. We know of practical alternatives and avoid amateur mistakes to save you from unnecessary costs.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Years of experience in a newsroom makes tight deadlines look like just another day at work for us. You can trust that we’ll will deliver on time.


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